" How can I get
more customers ? "


The right message delivered to the right person at the right moment. The best tool for guaranteeing a high purchase frequency is to build a simple CRM programme and to build and engage your community to send regular emails with interesting news and e-coupons.


From a very basic one (a paper collector) to the most advanced (mini-site, with points collection and a web store to get gifts or discounts), many possibilities exist. Rewards must be attractive and very well targeted at the consumer’s profile.


A good means of boosting purchase frequency. Consumers buy a product at the normal price and get 2 or 3 coupons for a total value of the product. Therefore, they have to buy 3 or 4 in total to get one free. The objective may be the recruitment of new consumers, often used when launching products.

Paper coupons

PAPER COUPONS will sustain sales on a regular basis. The generosity level should be about 15% to 20%. Coupons are a very cost effective and simple promotional tool. Although we know that they are very appreciated by promo lovers. Compared to price cuts, they are not limited in time (max. 30 days for a price cut) and are better for the quality image of your product.

" How can I trigger my customer
to buy more ? "

100% cashback on the 2nd or 3rd product

A very attractive claim. Compared with 1+1 and 2+1 store promotions, cashback allows you to gather consumer’s data and opt-ins. It is also less damaging for the price/quality image of your product.


CRM will ATTRACT, WIN, NUTURE or RETAIN customers and can also be used to increase the basket size. The idea is to propose e-coupons with an incentive for a larger quantity (e.g. €0.40 off for 1 product and €1.00 off for 2 products). This technique is also valid for paper coupons on the shelf.


Competitions with a minimum purchase quantity motivate consumers to buy multiple products at once. In the same way, a gift (or premium) sent to consumers when they prove that they have bought several products. Prizes or gifts must be carefully selected to be attractive to most of your consumers..

" How can I manage
my overstock problem ? "


For a local overstock issue, the easiest way is to use on the pack or on the shelf. The overstock is stickered with coupons, and once it has been sold, the promotion ends.

For a national overstock issue, several possibilities exist:

  • An e-coupons can be sent for a temporary promotion
  • A cashback on the 2nd product' will rapidly help to decrease the overstock
  • Paper coupons can of course be used in the same way as for a local overstock issue

" How can I push
in store product placement ? "

Retailers like promotions to animate and boost their sales. So, any promotional plan is an asset when it comes to negotiate a product listing. Coupons, cashback, contest, gift, saving program, satisfied or money back, all will help your product to reach the shelf. A large national activation plan will convince most of the retailers to list your product.

Retailers also aim to differentiate from each other. So, exclusive offers can be persuasive. You can have several contests at the same time, each exclusive to one retailer. Or having a contest with one retailer and the shipment of a gift with another one.

Stimulate product placement in store ?

Once your product is listed, you have to convince each store to take quantities. For integrated stores, this is mainly negotiated at national level. But for franchisees, you have to convince every single store owner. A promotion aimed at them is an efficient way of helping this process. Once the quantities are in the store, you can trust the shop managers to put them in good place so that they will be sold.

We can set up  :

A contest

A contest dedicated to the store/shelf managers. Each time they order a quantity, they get a unique code to participate in the contest and they increase their chance of winning.

A saving programme

With each order, they get points and when they have enough points, they can choose their gift in a web store. This works in the long run. Targeting the retailer can sometimes be more cost efficient than targeting the consumer. Ideally, it is best to do both at the same time, of course, combining a ‘push’ approach with the retailers and a ‘pull’ approach with the consumers.

Cross channel fertilisation (from OOH to store)

If you face the issue of having your consumers buying your product Out Of Home (in the Horeca for example) but not in stores, we can set up a contest or a game that will be advertised in the places the products are consumed. So we will collect consumers’ opt-ins and be able to send e-coupons to encourage them to buy your products in stores.

Cross selling / Cross branding

An in-pack paper coupon

An in-pack paper coupon is an easy way to let your consumers discover another product from your range or from another brand. This promotion is only available for people who buy the product.


Any consumer registered during a promotional activity with an opt-in can be sent for another product or another brand. A sampling campaign can also be conducted on that basis. Cashback and satisfied or money back can also be promoted to this consumer base.