About Us

Our mission

We want to take promotional marketing to the next level and provide our customers with optimum guidance, in order to develop promotional solutions based on their specific needs.

Our values

Innovation, Performance, Respect & Passion


Innovation has supported the growth of the group since its conception and still guides our employees every day. Because we are convinced that innovation, the founding value of the group, should be upheld by all employees, HighCo implemented a big Innovation Challenge in 2015, which is open to all employees in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Spain.


Respect is sharing and growing. Exchanging new skills, new solutions and feedback with external experts or internal experts within the group, so everyone stays educated and informed. Respect is also mirrored in the way we get involved with good causes - in 2016 137 kg was distributed to local organisations, 47 employees donated blood and 45 female employees ran a race in support of research. And finally social responsibility - since 2014 HighCo adheres to the ‘Global Compact’ initiative of the United Nations. This shows we are willing to keep increasing our level of CSR.


Performance ensures the sustainability and development of the group and is conveyed through the financial results, the impact of our activities and the satisfaction of our customers.


We are also guided by passion our passion for offers, our customers and work well done. But this passion also inspires our group’s employees when they overcome sporting challenges together. In 2016, HighCo launched its sports association, an employee initiative called ‘HighCo Olympics’, which is active at all geographical locations of the group.

Can you find yourself in our values?

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Our family

HighCo Data is a subsidiary of HighCo, a French publicly traded company.

We offer integrated marketing solutions that allow both brands and retailers to reach consumers at each location and during each purchasing decision. As a pioneer in both traditional and digital activation, we are constantly innovating and developing new technologies based on a unique model that covers the entire promotional chain – from design to implementation.

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Our history



  • SINCE 1985

    Unique clearing house in Benelux
    Partner for retailers & brands

  • 1993

    Launch of Fulfilment activities for Benelux

  • 1997

    Thanks to a tax ruling introduced by HighCo DATA, Belgian coupon issuers are officially allowed to recuperate the VAT on the face value of each coupon and this, starting from 1992 retroactively.

  • 2003

    For the first time more than 100 million coupons redeemed/cleared in one single year

  • 2009

    Major coupon clearing innovation through the launch of the Electronic Coupon Data Transfer (ECDT) concept in partnership with Colruyt (first electronic coupon clearing solution in Benelux)
    Start of online solutions : E-cashbacks, E-savings, …
    HighCo DATA Benelux launches the first e-coupon standard

  • 2010

    For the first time more than 3 million fulfilment participations handled in one single year (cash-back, contest, tombola, etc.) and more than 10 million € refunded to consumers

  • 2011

    Launch of www.promolife.be, an online platform existing of a fast growing community of promo and A-brand lovers, offering a collection of e-coupons, reimbursement promotions, loyalty actions, contests and more.

  • 2012

    ECDT roll-out in Carrefour, Delhaize and Makro: 1 out of 2 coupons is cleared electronically in Benelux

  • 2013

    Launch of PromoLife Mobile: a mobile application offering a collection of reimbursement actions, a shopping list tool, loyalty card functionality and many more functionalities to come. The consumer is now able to participate to interesting promotions directly from his smartphone: scan the EAN code of the product, take and upload a picture of the receipt and participate

  • 2014

    HighCo DATA inaugurates the brand new HighCo BOX department. Experts in digital and mobile technologies ready to accompany the brands and the retailers to manage promotions on fully digitized environments (e-couponing platforms, mobile cash-backs, online bannering possibilities,…).

  • 2015

    Integration of mobile gaming & promo / ‘Close the Loop’ project OOH bill boarding 
    with links to in store, online and mobile promotion / PromoLife Mobile = 100.000 reimbursements

  • 2016

    We add some new features and did some improvements based on the optimization of the user experience on the Extranet, the reporting tool for brands.
  • 2017

    We have the knowledge and the digital expertise to help you implement a communication plan for your online campaigns. Moreover, we launched several effective thematical multi brand e-couponing and performance based single brand campaigns.