" How can I get
more opt-ins ? "

E-coupons for a product with a price reduction

Your consumer can try and discover your product for free, the only thing they have to do is giving their name, first name, e-mail address. We already know that 50% of the users of e-coupons give their opt-in, when the consumer get something, they will accept easily that you recontact them.


Cashback solutions are an easy way to attract new customers and to keep in touch with them. Customers have to fill in the entry form, leave their contact details and hopefully his opt-in. You can even ask them a few questions in order to evaluate the effectivity of you promotion.

Contests & games

We keep the pleasure of playing since childhood, so why don’t you integrate it in a promotional action? You can set-up such games or competitions with or without a purchase obligation. People who have to give an opt-in to participate will be fewer but of higher quality. Keep in mind, that the quality of the opt-in is better when your contest is linked to a purchase.

" How can I launch
a trial ? "


E-COUPONS are a perfect mechanic for generating trial, Moreover; the e-coupons are systematically personalized and accompanied by a unique code... It has the advantage to be pushed to the right target with a guaranteed result. The e-coupons are mostly distributed to an existing database, a paid database or via other online media channels. A good communication plan is key.


Cashback solutions are an easy way to stand out from the rest ! If your objective is to generate trial because you have a new product, a new package, a new flavor, this mechanic can help you. Depending on the value of the product, a 100% or a partial cashback is feasible.

Satisfaction or money back

A money back policy will lower the barrier to purchase, especially if the price is on the higher side. If you have a new product with a new promise, intensively promoted by a communication campaign, it is ideally strengthen by a satisfied or money back campaign.


Giving consumers a sample is giving your brand a friendly image, but Is certainly the best method to generate trial. A sampling campaign can be done in multiple ways: distributed free products without any data or feedback, sending the product by post and give your customer a real gift or sending e-coupons for a free product, which can be cost efficient.

" How can I build
my brand image ? "

Satisfied or money back

This is probably the best technique for claiming product quality Increase your consumer trust & your product differentiation. A satisfied or money back promotion may lower the barrier to purchase, especially if the price is on the higher side.

Setting up a contest

The prize to be won in a competition must be attractive and very well targeted at the consumer’s profile. Differentiation, data collection, branding, conversion of visitors into buyers are some of advantages of this mechanic. Organizing online games you can even engage you consumer 3x more than a traditional advertisement.