HighCo DATA manages promotional offers for brands, retailers and consumers.

Our complementary services, focusing on the key areas of promotional marketing, ensure that your projects are implemented successfully. We develop mechanisms tailored to the brand's needs to promote and increase sales, drive your distribution network, boost multichannel customer loyalty and more.



    Solutions for effective action reaching your customers

    We specialize in all promotional mechanisms: competitions, refund offers, loyalty programs, coupons… in all channels: point of sale, web, mobile, social networks, etc.



    Processes designed and tested to provide 100% satisfaction

    Our infrastructure and team delivers on the promise of responsiveness and efficiency with access to a secure extranet, real-time traceability and streamlined costs.




    Creativity and quality in all aspects of graphics

    We have our own design studio with artistic directors, graphic designers, web designers… and a network of trusted partners: printing companies, packaging specialists, experts in POS advertising, etc.

Innovation boosting the performance of your projects.


HighCo DATA assists you at every step in designing and implementing innovative and effective promotional marketing solutions.

 Our promotional mechanisms help your brand meet the expectations of multichannel consumers and changing points of sale behaviour.



    Objective consulting to boost the performance of your projects

    Estimation of your promotional campaigns’ rate of return and rate of investment based on a benchmark of 10,000 campaigns. Attentiveness, creativity and practical solutions answering your briefs.



    Measuring the effect of your initiatives in all channels

    Access returns from your promotional drives in real time. Analyze results via a secure and operational interface: data extraction, configurable dashboards, etc.



    Technology to enhance the consumer experience

    As e-promotion pioneers, we develop innovative and effective solutions: m-coupons, e-refund offers, load to card, etc. We use modern technology to add value to your brand’s relationships.

HighCo Data

About Us


Bold and effective solutions

For over 30 years, HighCo DATA has brought
a new dimension to operational marketing

Since 1985
Unique clearing house in Benelux
Partner for retailers & brands

Launch of Fulfilment activities for Benelux

Thanks to a tax ruling introduced by HighCo DATA, Belgian coupon issuers are officially allowed to recuperate the VAT on the face value of each coupon and this, starting from 1992 retroactively.

For the first time more than 100 million coupons redeemed/cleared in one single year

Over 70 employees

Our experts are at your service

Our project team supports you at every step from end-to-end, by providing consultancy, responsiveness and efficiency.

International clearing platform

Full Web, multilingual, multiple currencies

HighCo DATA operates in several EMEA countries (France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Oman & Qatar) but also in Maghreb (Morocco) and 3 Pacific countries (French Polynesia, New Caledonia and New Zealand) through local partnerships.


  • Major coupon clearing innovation through the launch of the Electronic Coupon Data Transfer (ECDT) concept in partnership with Colruyt (first electronic coupon clearing solution in Benelux)
  • Start of online solutions : E-cashbacks, E-savings, …
  • HighCo DATA Benelux launches the first e-coupon standard

For the first time more than 3 million fulfilment participations handled in one single year (cash-back, contest, tombola, etc.) and more than 10 million € refunded to consumers

Launch of, an online platform existing of a fast growing community of promo and A-brand lovers, offering a collection of e-coupons, reimbursement promotions, loyalty actions, contests and more.

ECDT roll-out in Carrefour, Delhaize and Makro: 1 out of 2 coupons is cleared electronically in Benelux

Launch of PromoLife Mobile: a mobile application offering a collection of reimbursement actions, a shopping list tool, loyalty card functionality and many more functionalities to come. The consumer is now able to participate to interesting promotions directly from his smartphone: scan the EAN code of the product, take and upload a picture of the receipt and participate

HighCo DATA inaugurates the brand new HighCo BOX department. Experts in digital and mobile technologies ready to accompany the brands and the retailers to manage promotions on fully digitized environments (e-couponing platforms, mobile cash-backs, online bannering possibilities,…).

Infrastructure and processes

For full operational implementation

  • 6,500-sq m logistics warehouse with international shipping
  • In-house design studio: graphic designers, artistic directors, photo engravers, etc.
  • Hosting platform and technical team of web & mobile developers and integrators
  • In-house call center

Integration of mobile gaming & promo / ‘Close the Loop’ project OOH bill boarding
with links to in store, online and mobile promotion / PromoLife Mobile = 100.000 reimbursements

Keep in touch with promotional marketing developments in the digital and social network era.



10 suggestions to make your promotional offers work harder for you

Over the years, one fact has remained constant: Belgian consumers are the most receptive to promotional offers in the world. This does not mean that certain aspects don’t change or evolve. Fabrice Goffinet, Chief Commercial Officer at HighCo DATA, offers you 10 tips to give your promotional policy an immediate boost.


The future of coupons is phygital

The name HighCo DATA is almost always automatically associated with the famous discount coupons. And rightly so, although the subject is a bit more complex than we all think. Over the years our expertise has grown and our services have expanded considerably. And this is precisely why HighCo DATA is able to offer even more effective customised solutions. Coupons, e-coupons, or even m-coupons, to say nothing of all the data collection inherent in this; this is what HighCo DATA specialises in, guiding us through this complex world.


Belgian still king of coupons

Article français – nederlandstalige versie beschikbaar

Les chiffres publiés par HighCo DATA Benelux le confirment : en 2016, les ménages belges ont économisé près de 121 millions d’euros grâce aux bons de réduction, représentant une hausse de  17.5% par rapport à 2015.


Don’t take mobile shoppers for granted

Study – Don’t take mobile shoppers for granted |

Consumers are willing to use their mobile devices for shopping, but retailers still need to carefully design their mobile apps and experiences.


Consumers prefer different channels for browsing, purchasing

Study: Consumers prefer different channels for browsing, purchasing |

Digital retailing is growing in popularity, but the brick-and-mortar channel remains dominant for at least one crucial consumer activity.


Two tech trends ready to disrupt retail

Study: Two tech trends ready to disrupt retail |

There is no shortage of emerging technologies with the potential to transform how retailers operate, but some are closer to realizing that potential than others.



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