Want to increase your brand visibility? HighCo DATA teamed up with Carrefour Express for a fully digital couponing solution with massive visibility.

Increased visibility? It’s what every brand dreams of! And that’s why HighCo Data has teamed with Carrefour to create Carrefour Express Combo Deals for you.

Ultimate visibility

The focus here is on raising your brand visibility. How? We are using a number of different approaches. They include an on street board, a wobbler on the shelf with your product, an A4 poster and on-screen presentation … Which will be present at 4,600,000 checkouts spread across 299 different Carrefour Express stores across the whole of Belgium!*[VB1] 

It will be impossible for shoppers to miss your brand!  

A mix with a meal

The Carrefour Express Combo Deals consolidate this brand awareness by encouraging shoppers to associate your product with a specific daily meal or snack time.

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon snack
  • Aperitif
  • Dinner

You sell two products together at a single price, underlining forever connecting these two products while also making sure they’ll be permanently associated with a specific meal.

A fully digital couponing experience

This couponing promotion runs digitally. It’s quick, environmentally friendly and wonderfully simple:

  1. Shoppers see the in-store wobbler – complete with QR code – at the shelf. 
  2. They scan the QR code which grants them access to the website.
  3. All it takes is a click. The digital coupon is then sent to the shopper’s smartphone.
  4. At the checkout, the cashier scans the coupon directly from the shopper’s phone to grant them the discount. 

This is brand-new technology! No paper. Just a totally mobile experience. There’s zero effort for shoppers. And they still receive the full benefits.

Want to link your product to a specific meal or snack time? Ready to put your brand in the spotlight? Contact us at welcome@highco.be today!

*Figures from 2021.