Carrefour Express Combo Deals Visibility Solution

Increase your brand visibility at Carrefour Express proximity channel with a full digital solution for your customers.

The Carrefour Express Combo Deals have been created to help increase your visibility in the Express Stores of Carrefour Belgium taking into account the digital needs of your customers. 

Your brand will get support by using the latest technology of mobile couponing! Indeed this is brand new , thanks to our good collaboration with Carrefour , we can propose you a FULL DIGITAL solution. No paper implied. Offering a first total mobile experience within the proximity channel to your customers. 

A wide network of 299 shops will roll out your activation during 4 weeks. This will lead to a great visibility instore at the time of purchase. In 2021 the express channels of Carrefour registered 4 600 000 checkouts!

The combo deal solutions gives you the opportunity to mix your brand with a meal occasion. Mix your product with another, either to foster or support specific consumption moments.

Your visibility instore comes with an on street board, a wobbler with QR code, A4 poster and on screen behind the counter. 

1. Customer sees promo in-store through a wobbler with qr code. This is a great promotional support at the shelf. 

2. Customer scans QR code and this will give him access to a website. 

3. Customer gets the coupon on his/her mobile phone with only one click. 

4. Customer shows coupon at checkout and gets the discount. The cashier will scan the coupon directly on the phone. 


We aim for shopper occasions around eating moments. Combining two products during ​ONE moment​

  • Breakfast​

  • Lunch​

  • Afternoon snack​

  • Aperitif​

  • Dinner​

For ONE price only for the customer to pay. All bonus for your clients.