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An integrated approach leads to ‘excellence in execution’. However, very often that does not happen. The figures from HighCo don’t lie: 80% of product launches are not successful, meaning the SKUs have no chance of being kept in a shop’s range that can easily number 25,000 products.

Obsessed by special offers

HighCo, which offers intelligent marketing solutions, are convinced that an omni-channel approach is crucial to reach as many consumers as possible. “At least 93% of clients admit that they are influenced by special offers in-store. More than half (58%) even say that they are obsessed with special offers. Moreover, Belgium is the European champion when it comes to discount vouchers, with each person using on average 6.8 vouchers per year. Approaching shoppers online and offline at the same time is thus more appropriate than ever,” explain Fabrice Goffinet (Chief Commercial Officer at HighCo Data) and Didier Navette (Marketing Manager at HighCo Shelf Service).

The first step is to create an action. “After deciding upon the objective, you have to choose which promotion mechanisms you’re going to use. It’s important to create an interaction with clients by approaching them in the most inspired way you can, and by making the products stand out as much as possible.”

Then it is about real communication. This can be done in a wide variety of ways: “Coupon on shelf, a ‘100% money-back’ action, ‘contest on shelf’, ‘receipt on shelf’, ‘tester on shelf’… so more than enough options to meet emotional and customer experience needs, generate interest in the product, and to stimulate impulse buys. You can steer shoppers to the shelf using digital signage and trolley advertisements, among other things. Online, one option is games: this approach is already very popular in France, because you create such a long ‘brand exposure’, and get a viral effect if the person playing the game shares their score with friends and followers on social media.”
The action must be implemented at the right time and in the right way. If you use discount vouchers, it is best to use different codes for different media and place a lot of emphasis on the face value. “We advise everyone to learn as much as they can from the outcomes of previous campaigns when they plan a new action: take the time to analyse the statistics, so you can optimise the effect of new initiatives.”

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